G The Hollowest Girl of Them All

The Hollowest Girl of Them All

Nick: A snapshot

Nicholas and I orbited each other like twin planets. We were in a marriage of convenience.

I couldn’t even tell you why we were friends, we had nothing in common.

When we met for a second time, I hadn’t known how long he’d thought about me. Sitting under a lab table in class, ignoring our physics teacher screaming at us to please please get back into our seats, he told me he had wanted to speak to me for three months.

Holding my hands in his, not looking into my eyes, he said that he wanted to be my friend so badly, but he was scared I wouldn’t like him.

I almost laughed, it sounded so absurd.

Nick was infamous.

He was invited to all the best parties, hung out with all the prettiest people. He got love confessions every week and there were more rumors about him than anyone else at school.

Like a sad kid trying to reach out, he awkwardly complimented my shoes and forced a smile.

My heart sprung open like a cage of birds, and every one of them perched on his shoulders and rested in his hands.

Instead of the proverbial notches on my bedpost, I decided to write about them instead. My loves. My experiences. I've definitely had enough of them to entertain someone out there.
"Cento" Copyright © Andrew Brinker 2011.